Expedition Idaho Waterpark Challenge

To stagger the start of Expedition Idaho, Race Director Dave Adlard, invented a unique prologue.

Teams had to climb the toughest waterslide, starting over if anyone slipped.

If successful, they then took a victory lap … running the Lazy River. Backwards.🙂

This is even tougher than it looks.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Planning is in full swing!

“If you come and race, you won’t be disappointed!”

~ Mike Kloser – 4x AR World Champion

The course is set, permits are in place, and the mountains are calling… In August 2014, north Idaho will be the place to be for adventure racers as Expedition Idaho returns!

We look forward to hosting you in the race Thule’s Mimi Guillot called “a race I will remember for my lifetime!”

2011 was the inaugural running of this phenomenal, 500+ mile, 7 day, “Human Powered” multi-sport event that concluded with what many say is the finest finish line experience in the world of adventure racing, as every team got to cross the finish line in prime time, in the midst of “Blues and Brews” festival, with 1800 appreciative fans cheering them across the line.

2013 promises to be even more exciting! We have been working on the course for almost 2 years, and it will be one of the most amazing experiences ever for the “lucky” racers.

Your race entry includes 2 nights of accommodation, pre and post race parties and banquets, water craft (excluding personal pack rafts etc), awesome swag/gear, cool awards, and a bunch of “extras,” including things like hot food at the TAs and more!

How good is the field? In 2011, Team Thule’s 2013 ARWS world championship line up of Jacky, Mimi, Stuart and Albert raced together for the first time at ExpId 2011 and captured top honors over Team Seagate… Team Bones, Yogaslackers and several other top teams took part in what was described by several racers as “one of the best expedition races ever!”

Despite the competitive field, EVERY racer will feel appreciated and accommodated… we go out of our way to try to give every team a wonderful racing experience, including getting to cross the finish line after nearly a week of racing.

A World Class Adventure Race by Perpetual Motion Events LLC


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Not all who wander, are lost.

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